The CLEAN DRINK Water Initiative

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Delivering safe drinking water solutions to the people of Nepal is the most important thing we do. With assistance from our supporters around the world, our self-funded ground teams, people like you, travel to the most remote corners of Nepal to install water tanks, delivery systems, and most importantly, compact chlorine makers so each community can safely purify their own water supplies.

Created in the world’s most advanced water science lab, the MSR SE200 Community Chlorine Maker is saving lives. The small and efficient system was specifically designed to combat water health issues in the world’s most remote, rugged, and impoverished communities. Durable and easy to operate, each unit uses salt, water, and low-voltage electricity to produce chlorine, a safe substance long used as the standard for disinfecting water. A single SE200 unit makes enough chlorine in just 4 minutes to treat 200-liters of water, or serve a community of 200 people. Unlike filters and other systems, the SE200 requires no maintenance with a service life of 3-5 years.

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Area of Operations

Far removed from the tourist tracks in the Everest region, the newly formed provinces to the west are areas continually ravaged by water health issues. As many as 300,000 cases of water illness are reported each year in a small area spanning just 200 square miles.

Our ground campaigns are focused in the Banke, Surkhet, and Jajarkot districts. These are beautiful areas with vibrant cultures.

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Our team of travelers work directly with our Nepalese ground team and local volunteers to educate people about water health and the benefits of the SE200 Community Chlorine Maker. We need people like you to join us on location to keep our efforts in motion. This is your chance to make a direct and lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of Nepalese people.

Please join the CLEAN DRINK team

Donate today or better yet, pack a bag and come with us on the adventure of a lifetime to deliver safe water to the people of Nepal.