The Shree Jung Primary School in Jhapa, Nepal is DRINKING CLEAN.

It takes a lot of good people to do the things we want to do. Luckily for us our community continues to grow. And with it, so too does our positive impact. This week we get to share more good news. During my CLEAN DRINK trip in April, I left two MSR SE200 Community Chlorine makers with our friends at Portal Bikes in Kathmandu. Founded by Colorado natives Emily and Caleb Spear, Portal Bikes creates transportation and shelter solutions for the people of Nepal. Their staff comes from all over the country and their knowledge of rural communities and remote schools has proven an indispensible asset for the CLEAN DRINK project.

Last week, Portal Bike's Tenjing Gurung traveled to a remote school with an MSR SE200 unit. He used it as the star attraction in a small health fair where teachers and volunteers spoke to the students about clean water, dental health, and other important health-related topics. By the end of the day, thanks to Tenjing's efforts, the Shree Jung school and the surrounding community now have access to safe, clean water.

As we push this project forward, with your help, schools will continue to play an important role. We believe in the power of kids. Schools in themselves are proof that communities are making positive efforts to better the lives of their youth. Schools are also social centers where the MSR SE200 can be leveraged to supply safe water and chlorine for an entire community. In the future we hope to use schools as launch pads to get more MSR SE200 units into the surrounding areas.


All of these efforts require your support to make them happen. You can make your own impact in three ways:

Share our positive stories with your own tribe.

Give to the CLEAN DRINK project to ensure we get to the schools and communities in need.

Go on one of our LAST MILE trips and hand deliver clean water solutions, just as Tenjing did.