Jarjakot is a mountain region squeezed between Nepal’s lowlands of the Terai and the icy peaks of the Himalayas. This terraced landscape is beautiful and the people there live much as they have for centuries. Ribbons of terraced fields wrap around mountain slopes where rice, wheat, barley, and corn are grown. Colorful houses nestle within in deep valleys and daily life is defined by the rhythms of nature.

This is also one of the most hard-hit regions of Nepal as it relates to waterborne illness. For that reason, we have chosen Jajarkot as one area we intend to support with our safe water efforts.

By the Numbers

More than 170,000 people live in the Jajarkot District in an area slightly smaller than greater Chicago or London. Every year tens of thousands people in the area become severely ill due to waterborne illness. Last year 13,000 people were treated for critical illnesses by a small number of hospitals and clinics. Only a fraction of those stricken ill have access to those resources.

We intend to provide safe drinking water to 25,000 people, mostly kids in government schools. But we need your help to make it possible.

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Government Support

Our ground team, headed by Vishu Sijali, continues to grow and gain support from regional hospitals, school administrators, and government officials. The leaders within the various levels of government have expressed a need for our help and committed to assist our efforts us as best they can. For a country with meager resources, that leaves the lion’s share of the work up to us. We’re up to the challenge.

Our Immediate Efforts

We have already placed several water systems in this area. Our next three LAST MILE TEAMS scheduled for March, April, and May are poised to hand-carry 50 more MSR SE200 Community Chlorine Makers to Nepal. Most of those systems are destined for Jajarkot.

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The Roadmap Forward

With your help, and the funds gathered, we can make a significant change in the lives of thousands of people in Nepal. Our efforts include a large scale educational campaign to promote safe water initiatives and push our message forward. But we can’t do it alone.

You - can be a part of our efforts on the ground. Join us in Nepal and spend three days helping the people of Jajarkot. In the coming seasons we plan to repeat our efforts until sufficient numbers of the 170,000 residents of Jajarkot are drinking clean, safe water.



Starting on March 22, which is also World Water Day, all donations collected by our team members count towards rewards offered by our partners. Consider them a thank-you for the time and energy invested in helping others.

Visit the project fundraising campaign today and sign up. Join the team, set up your fundraising page, and start generating the resources to help the people of Jajarkot.

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