We couldn't do something so good without partners this great.



Our partners in Nepal, Altitude Riders is a Nepalese-owned travel company operated by our partner Vishu Sijali. Years of guiding experience, and a love for the remote corners of his home country, have made Vishu and his company a valuable asset. We could not do what we do without Altitude Riders. Their team of guides, mechanics, cooks, and support staff ensure we always get where we need to go. Visit: Altitude Riders




Mountain Safety Research

Makers of backcountry tents, stoves, snowshoes, and other products, MSR is also the world's leading authority on clean water solutions. Their SE200 Community Chlorine Maker is the backbone of the CLEAN DRINK initiative. We could not do this without them. Their support is vital to our project. Learn more about their commitment to doing good at:

Shower Pouch

We travel far and get properly filthy in the process. Shower Pouch pre-moistened towels allow us to clean off without wasting prescious water. The durable fabric permits repeated uses before being recycled and the soap solution keeps us clean and happy. Just when the road starts getting too much to endure, we scrub down with a Shower Pouch and start fresh. 



Waka Waka

Where we travel, power is never a given. To ensure we are able to achieve our end goals and to make sure our cameras, phones, and other tools are charged, we use Waka Waka solar chargers and lights. We also like their brand mission. They use their technology and business reach to help provide lighting solutions for developing countries where fossil fuels and wood are often a common source of light. 

Adventure Medical Kits

What we do comes with some risk. There is potential for our team members to get sick or injured. To prepare for the worst scenarios and ensure we have the resources needed to help those we encounter along the way, we rely on Adventure Medical Kit first aid systems. A leader in emergency response kits, our dedicated medic on the ground will never be far from his AMK bag.

Giant Loop Moto

Traveling by motorcycle offers a variety of advantages, but also represents a couple of challenges as well. Giant Loop solves one of our major issues––how to carry our gear. For our medical officer, he'll tuck all of his Adventure Medical Kit supplies in a Giant Loop bag system. We're proud to have Giant Loop as a key partner in our mission to do good as we go.