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This is not your average excursion. New for 2020, this hand-picked team will venture into the most remote corners of the Himalayas to explore the former lands of Nepal’s famous Magar Kings. Using the Pushpalal Highway as our primary conduit from west to east, we will traverse the high foothills of the Great Himalayan Range. Our route will afford us views of white giants like Sisne Himal and Dhualagiri, the world’s 7th tallest summit.

Discover the Nepal no other visitors get to experience and leave behind the gift of safe drinking water.

Traveling by motorbike or Land Rover Defender, our team will spend two days with host villages as we discover their ancient cultures through song, dance, and drums. In exchange for their hospitality, our crew will provide them with tools necessary to produce safe drinking water for years to come. The handoff of our water resources has become a fun part of every Clean Drink trip. You’re not just a spectator. You will help raise the funds used to purchase their new water purifiers, then tote them from your home, to their’s on the other side of the world.

This trip will serve as a deep-dive into the isolated, and timeless cultures of Western Nepal. We guarantee you won’t see another foreigner during your entire adventure into the lands of the Magar.

  • Start point: Birendranagar just north of the Indian border.

  • End point: Pokhara, a resort town at the foot of the Himalayas

  • Total travel days in Nepal: 12

  • Seats available for the trip: 8 people via motorbike or SUV

  • Total days including travel to/from Kathmandu: 15

  • Number of people given access to safe drinking water by each team: 1,500-2,000

  • Minumum team members: 5

  • Average daily travel time: 5-6 hours (Never more)


Every CLEAN DRINK ADVENTURE includes two full days working with our safe drinking water initiatives in the Jajarkot, Banke, Surkhet, and Palpa Districts. Schools are a primary focus as they allow us to tap into the youth of Nepal to help brighten their collective futures. Kids are most at risk in Nepal with as many as 15,000 succumbing to water related illnesses each year. Each of those little grey boxes pictured below can produce enough safe water to serve 200-300 school kids for 3-5 years. That’s change provided by our team of do-good travelers, like you.

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I never thought I would get to visit Nepal. I certainly never thought I would get the chance to travel there to help save lives. This was the most exciting and rewarding thing I have done in years. Nepal is amazing. - Alex Cyphers


We’re proud to have partnered with Vishu Sijali and his expert staff at Altitude Riders. With decades of combined expedition experience, they cater to our every need. In Nepal there is a famous saying, guest is god. They live those words with unrivaled hospitality.

The other reason we use local guides is to ensure we adhere to our own travel sustainability standards. Every dollar we bring into Nepal stays in the country and benefits local families and stimulates micro economies. In return, we’re shown the real Nepal, the magic kingdom so few get to see. This is luxury travel, Nepali style.



Our carefully chosen routes are remote and rugged. Most of the roads we traverse are unmaintained, primitive, and often prone to damage from landslides, floods, and earthquakes. That, is what makes them so rewarding to conquer.

For this trip, riders on motorbikes will need good fitness and honed riding skills. Our members in the SUV are welcome to drive, once we get out of major cities where government regulations require our own drivers.

Expect 75% of the route to traverse dirt or primitive roads. The 25% of pavement we travel is also pretty challenging.



A CLEAN DRINK ADVENTURE is rugged, but we also love to be comfortable. Our hotel partners in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Butwal offer luxurious accommodations with superb service.

When traveling in areas where hotels are not available, our world-class support staff create a posh camping experience complete with table linens and warm tea delivered to your tent each morning. We use the best camping gear available provided by our partners at MSR in Seattle. Each team member gets their own private tent for your comfort. Enjoy a hot shower under a Himalayan peak or a freshly baked cake on the edge of a river. You may be camping half of your time in Nepal, but at no time will you rough it.

Our expedition cook, Ganga, spent 25 years cooking for teams of climbers at Everest basecamp and throughout the Himalayas. Now he cooks for us. Every day his multi-course meals keep us fueled for adventure and give us a taste of local flavors. One thing is certain, you won’t go hungry on a Clean Drink adventure. - Christophe Noel, Co-founder

I had no idea the people of Nepal were so amazing. I would go back just to spend more time with my new Nepali friends. I now consider the Clean Drink support team as family. - Jody Weisenhorn



  • Luxury hotel lodging in Kathmandu and Pokhara

  • Fully supported camping accommodations with industry leading equipment

  • All meals while in remote areas provided by experienced expedition cooks

  • Ground Transportation to/from hotels

  • Two domestic flights within Nepal

  • All SUV and motorbike rental fees, fuel, and professional driver

  • Guides, translators, porters, and support staff

  • National Park permits ($175)

  • Full-day tour of Kathmandu with our award-winning guide


  • International airfare to Kathmandu

  • Lunches and dinners in Kathmandu (a minimal expense at roughly $5 per meal)

  • Entry fees to UNESCO World Heritage sites in Kathmandu ($5-10)

  • Alcoholic beverages and optional meals 



  • Visas to enter Nepal are acquired at the airport in Kathmandu on arrival and cost $25.

  • Our recommended airlines go through the Middle East. We suggest Emirates, and Qatar, but all will work and we can help with booking. Estimated price: $1,200 - $1,500

  • It is advisable to check with your doctor about vaccinations. You will need basic levels of fitness to enjoy this big trip.

  • If you would like to extend your stay, we can assist with additional travel reservations and logistics for a nominal fee.

  • Nepal is one of the safest places on Earth. Worry not.



If you have questions or want more information about this or other trips in the future, please visit our LAST MILE TEAM page and submit your information. We will get back to you quickly.

If you’re ready to join us, please complete the booking form and we will get you on the path to big adventure!

Please consult the Terms and Conditions page before committing to a trip.



We can't help our friends in Nepal without the financial means to do so. Fundraising is a critical part of our program. Clean water solutions simply cost money.

To help streamline our fundraising efforts, we have partnered with MSR Global Health. Our fundraising campaign is hosted on their website and makes for a fun and easy way to generate excitement and donations. We help every team member meet their target goal. Some may want to reach far beyond the $1,500 target. A surprising number of our previous team members, new to fundraising, generated in excess of $3,000, and a few broke $6,000. It’s easier than it looks and every dollar raised helps people in need.

In the last year, our ground teams have helped generate the funds needed to supply more than 10,000 people, mostly kids, with safe drinking water. 100% of these funds go to the water initiative. The only salaries paid go to our full-time staff members in Nepal as they travel to the most remote villages and schools to implement our water tools. Make no mistake, the fundraising is the most special of gifts our friends in Nepal could ever receive. They pay for––a better future.

I think the fact I’ve been on two Clean Drink trips in less than a year says it all. It’s not a trip. It’s the experience of a lifetime - Chad Dannen


  • A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 secures each participant’s place on the team. Final payment for this trip is not due until January 20th, 2020. We provide a variety of payment options and can accommodate monthly installments.

  • Single supplement pricing for private hotel rooms at the Attiti Resort in Pokhara and other locations is $250 (All rooms are private for the three nights in Kathmandu)

  • Our Nepali and American based reservations teams can assist with booking additional hotel stays at a large discount for travelers opting to spend more time in Nepal.

  • Minimum participation: 5

  • Discounts are available for groups of 4 or more.



Our pricing structure reflects a commitment to compensate our Nepalese partners a fair wage. Undercut pricing is common in Nepal’s travel market and something we aim to avoid. At the same time, our intimate knowledge of the country allows us to offer the best travel value in Nepal.

Because we travel to remote locations far removed from normal tourist routes, our fares include expenses other operations don’t face. Each trip includes two domestic flights to the western portion of the country. Hotels are quite cheap in rural Nepal but simply do not exist along our chosen routes. For that reason, and to ensure your comfort, we travel with an expert staff and cutting edge camping gear.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, or for additional information.