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Pack a bag. Go to Nepal or Ecuador. Hand-deliver the gift of clean water.

The LAST MILE TEAM is a critical link in the chain. Our self-funded adventure travlers hand-deliver the resources people need to produce their own clean water. We are the ultimeat delivery crew and travel to the most remote corners of Nepal and Ecuado . But it isn't all work. We feel it is important to show our LAST MILE TEAM the splendors of our host country. It helps us craft the message about these wonderful places and the people who live there.

As a member of the team, you will be guided by the world's best professionals. Their intimate knowledge of the regions allows us to access the villages and schools others can't. It also offers our team an authentic travel experience. Through our connections and partnerships, the cost to join has been trimmed to compensate for your good-deed-doing, time, and energy.

We can't do what we do without generous donations, people willing to help spread the word, and hit the ground to deliver hope to people who deserve it.




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Although we travel with proven and experienced guides, we travel to some of the most remote and rugged corners of the globe. Tell us about your own travels and the remote places you have been to.
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We often travel by motorcycle as they can access areas four-wheeled vehicles cannot. The terrain is often rugged and remote. Do you feel confident in your abilities in those conditions? PLEASE NOTE: The riding conditions in Nepal and Ecuador are very challenging. These are not rides suitable to novice riders. You need a license and sufficient experience on, and off-road, to be a safe candidate.
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As a disclaimer, the Clean Drink Founder is a Type 1 Diabetic, so you don't have to be fit as a fiddle, but couch spuds will suffer. Check the boxes as they apply.
It's a big leap to join these fun and rewarding trips. We would be concerned if you didn't have concerns, or at least a few questions. So, whatcha got? Are you worried about strange foods? Not sure you feel up to the challenge? Let's talk it out.