The LAST MILE TEAM is a critical link in the chain. Our self-funded adventure travlers hand-deliver the resources people need to produce their own clean water. We are the ultimate delivery crew and travel to the most remote corners of Nepal and Ecuador. 

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Although we travel with proven and experienced guides, we venture to some of the most remote and rugged corners of the globe. You don't have to tell us everywhere you've been, but are you up for some true adventure travel?
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We typically travel on motorcycles as they can access areas four-wheeled vehicles cannot. The terrain is often rugged and remote. Do you feel confident in your abilities in those conditions? PLEASE NOTE: The riding conditions in Nepal and Ecuador are very challenging. These are not rides suitable to novice riders. You need a license and sufficient experience on, and off-road, to be a safe candidate. If you would rather roll in a comfy SUV, we can do that too!
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Clean Drink is fueled by the power of collective goodwill. Are you willing to help drive our fundraising efforts forward? Would you be willing to meet minimum fundraising goals? Keep in mind, we'll be there to help.
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As a disclaimer, the Clean Drink Founder is a Type 1 Diabetic, so you don't have to be fit as a fiddle, but couch spuds will suffer. Check the boxes as they apply.
It's a big leap to join these fun and rewarding trips. We would be concerned if you didn't have concerns, or at least a few questions. So, whatcha got? Are you worried about strange foods? Not sure you feel up to the challenge? Let's talk it out.