Deliver hope. Discover Nepal.

The most exciting way to get involved with CLEAN DRINK is to join us on the ground in Nepal. Our team of self-funded travelers are essential to our ability to help those in need. Anyone can join the LAST MILE TEAM. All you need is a sense of adventure and a willingness to help others. Why “Last Mile?” Because the greatest challenge to getting water purification systems from our offices in America to the people in need in Nepal is always the last, difficult mile.

Our ground teams are critical to our success as we rely on them to perform two critical functions. They spearhead our fundraising efforts for each individual project and assist with the physical logistics of placing water systems in rural communities. Along the way, our team gets a unique window into the many splendors of Nepal.

Each of our adventures includes 2-3 days working with host communities to install safe drinking water solutions. It’s hard to call this “work” as it’s so much fun. These unique cultural exchanges are always the highlight of a CLEAN DRINK ADVENTURE.

Join us for the experience of a lifetime. Explore a beautiful country, immerse yourself in a colorful culture, and go home knowing you made a lasting and positive change. Do good as you go.

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