The most exciting way to get involved with CLEAN DRINK is to join an adventure on the ground. Our team of travelers serve a vital role getting clean water opportunities where they are needed most.

- The hardest mile is the last mile. -

At the onset of this project we learned how easy it is to deliver water purification devices like the MSR SE200 Community Chlorine Maker from a warehouse in Seattle to another continent.  

The hard part is getting them down the bumpy road to the people who need them. It takes roughly 87 hours of travel to hand deliver a water purification system to the Lower Dolpa region of Nepal. The last 20 miles consumes the bulk of that time.

Our self-funded LAST MILE TEAM is a critical component to delivering the SE200 where it is needed. More than just a delivery vehicle, our team on the ground is the vital face-to-face link between MSR's technology and getting it put to use.

Anyone can be a member of the LAST MILE TEAM. The trips are challenging, but you will have tremendous support along the way. Our team is guided on the ground by professional tour operators.


We hand select each travel partner based on their unique expertise and intimate knowledge of the communities we strive to help. They share our passion for a  clean drink.

The LAST MILE TEAM spends roughly half of their time on the road dedicated to the clean water initiative. It's hard work but the rewards are well worth the effort.


“Thank you for keeping my babies safe.”

— Grandma Gohti, Wamitaksar, Nepal

The other half of the time on a CLEAN DRINK Adventure, the team enjoys the fruits of their labors. We dive deep into the culture of our host country and learn more about what makes it so special. 

One of the biggest impacts we make is spreading awareness. That is the key to our continued success. By sharing in our big adventures and the positive outcome of the water distribution campaign, we ensure future trips will take place and more people will benefit from our efforts.


Join the LAST MILE TEAM. Be the person to travel to the far points on the map and hand deliver the gift of clean, safe, drinking water. We're waiting for you.