The most exciting way to get involved with CLEAN DRINK is to join us on the ground in Nepal or Ecuador. Our team of self-funded travelers are essential to our ability to help those in need. Anyone can join the LAST MILE TEAM. All you need is a sense of adventure and a willingness to help others. 

We rely on our ground team to perform two critical functions. They spearhead our fundraising efforts for each individual project and assist with the physical logistics of placing water systems in rural communities. 



The water purification systems we use are revolutionary and no larger than a lunchbox. Getting them from a warehouse in Seattle to Nepal isn't that difficult. It's the last mile that is so challenging. And the most rewarding. 

It's not all work, though. We want our team to experience the splendors of our host country and discover all of its hidden treasures. Half of our time on location is dedicated to delivering the gift of clean water. The other half is spent exploring. Our routes traverse some of the most beautiful and exotic regions of the world. 

Why Motorbikes and SUVs?

Many of the communities and schools we serve are not easily accessed. The roadways in remote parts of Nepal are often in a constant state of disrepair. For those reasons we travel with motorbikes and off-road capable trucks. 

You don't have to travel by motorbike, but it is a lot of fun. The trucks we bring on each campaign are not only comfortable and reliable, they are essential to our success. We use them to carry supplies for the water projects, as well as our gear. Each outing demands a group effort. The team members in the truck are indespensible.

How to get involved?

To become a member of our LAST MILE TEAM, simply pick an adventure that fits your  interest and fill out the team member form. We will contact you immediately to ensure you have all of the information needed to make your decision and ready yourself for the trip of a lifetime. 

It's a special thing to be a member of our ground team. The sense of adventure is only surpassed by the warm feeling of a good deed done.