More than 20 million people in Nepal live without safe drinking water.

We offer 3 ways you can make a change. 


To make a positive impact sometimes all you have to do is - GET LOUD. The CLEAN DRINK community is a chatty bunch. We share a common message to help people access a basic fundamental of life - safe water. Join us on Facebook and Instagram. Share our stories of success, fun, and the awesomeness of people.


Give to the CLEAN DRINK FUND. Your generousity makes a direct and positive difference in the lives of people who just need a little boost. It buys the tools and resources they cannot buy themselves.  They need your help. Together we will fill this bucket, one drop at a time.

It's not often people get to hand-deliver hope. Our LAST MILE TEAM of self-funded travelers embark on the adventure of a lifetime - to help other people. We need you to help keep our project in motion. Pack a bag. Do good as you go. Join the team on the ground.  


Every year more than 10,000 children in Nepal die of sanitation and water related illnesses. Lets work together to make a difference. 



  Pick your trip and pack a bag. Deliver the gift of clean water.


CLEAN DRINK Nepal - Oct 2018 - The Team is Complete!

The first adventure in April was so successful we quickly planned a second trip in October. Join our LAST MILE TEAM on a 12 day trip into the western regions of Nepal to bring 3,000 villagers access to clean water. Then explore the monestaries of the rugged Mustang Valley and Annapurna region.    

Join CLEAN DRINK Ecuador - NOV 2018 - The Team is Complete!

With our friends at Freedom Bike Rental we will dispatch six team members to the coastal rainforests of Ecuador's Esmarelda region and the home of the native Chachi people.   Don't miss this chance to help those left on the fringes of society. Make their tribe, part of our tribe.

Join CLEAN DRINK Nepal March- 2019 

We have 8 spots to be filled - booking opens November 1st

We filled all nine spots on the October 2018 trip to Nepal in less than 72 hours. There is already a lot of interest in our March campaign which promises to be our most ambitious yet. Booking opens on November 1st. If you want to be a part of this life-changing adventure, don't let that day slip by. Join us in Nepal and embark on a journey you will remember for a lifetime.

Join CLEAN DRINK - Nepal - April 2019

We have 8 spots to be filled - booking opens November 1st

Demand for our trips in Nepal have been so high, we added a second ground campaign in the spring of 2019. Join us for a ride through the most remote and wild parts of Nepal. Visit the isolated communities of the Terai and Lower Rolpa regions and deliver the gift of clean water. This is big adventure and you won't want to miss it. Fill out the LAST MILE TEAM form for more information and to get your name on the interested list.  


More Trips are coming! Look for our complete 2019 schedule in December. 


We harness the power of wanderlust and kindness to provide people with clean drinking water.

CLEAN DRINK was founded on the basic premise that everyone, no matter where they live, deserves clean drinking water. As travelers we are in a unique position to leverage our adventures to access remote villages and communities where clean water is not available. If we're going somewhere, we might as well work to improve the lives of the people we meet along the way.