More than 20 million people in Nepal live without safe drinking water.

We offer 3 ways you can make a change. 


To make a positive impact sometimes all you have to do is - GET LOUD. The CLEAN DRINK community is a chatty bunch. We share a common message to help people access a basic fundamental of life - safe water. Join us on Facebook and Instagram. Share our stories of success, fun, and the awesomeness of people.

Give to the CLEAN DRINK FUND. Your generousity makes a direct and positive difference in the lives of people who just need a little boost. It buys the tools and resources they cannot afford or access themselves.  They need your help. Together we will fill this bucket, one drop at a time.

It's not often people get to hand-deliver hope. Our LAST MILE TEAM of self-funded travelers embark on the adventure of a lifetime - to help other people. We need you to help keep our project in motion. Pack a bag. Do good as you go. Enjoy traveling in a beautiful part of the world while leaving a positive footprint.