Discover Nepal as only we see it. And leave behind the gift of safe drinking water.

Pick your trip and pack a bag. Nepal is waiting for you.


The Magar Kings Expedition

March 20-31, 2020

Our first trip of the year is undoubtedly our most bold. For this expedition we tackle some of the roughest roads in Nepal as we work our way to remote villages in the former lands of the Magar Kings. We travel under the flanks of Himalayan peaks through deep valleys visiting cultures seemingly unchanged in centuries. This, isn’t a do-good trip. This is an expedition to discover - the Real Nepal.

The Karnali Himal Traverse

April 4-15, 2020

The Pushpalal Highway winds its way around the foothills of Nepal like discarded string. In places it’s no more than a narrow path frequented only by locals. In other places it’s wide and smooth, a sign of Nepal’s slow creep towards modernity. On this trip we start in the western provinces and work our way east, stopping to visit ancient villages not known to the outside world. Join this trip to discover Nepal’s secrets.

The Mighty Mustang Expedition

April 19 - 30, 2020

It’s a Himalayan classic. Riding a motorbike, or driving a Land Rover Defender into the deep Mustang Valley represents one of the most iconic overland experiences in Nepal. For this trip we spend a week exploring the terraced hills of the Palpa and Rukum Districts before heading high into the mountains beneath the summits of Annapurna, Dhualagiri, and Nilgiri. Our high point is the ancient mountain hamlet of Muktinath.

Kaptivating Karnali Far West Expedition

Pre-book for October 6- 17, 2020

Travel along the banks of Nepal’s largest and last wild river, the mighty Karnali. Wind your way through terraced mountains through valleys cut deep and etched with green terraces. Sing the ancient songs of the Magar and Tamang people. This is one of our favorite expeditions, and one no other travel provider knows of. This is our Nepal. This is the Real Nepal. (Watch for more tours coming in the fall of 2020)

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GET LOUD. The CLEAN DRINK community is a chatty bunch. We share a common message to help people access a basic fundamental of life - safe water. Join us on Facebook and Instagram. Share our stories of success, fun, and the awesomeness of people.

Give to the CLEAN DRINK FUND. Your donations help purchase the tools and resources our friends in Nepal cannot afford or access themselves.  They need your help. Together we will fill this bucket, one drop at a time.

Go to Nepal. Our LAST MILE TEAM of self-funded travelers embark on the adventure of a lifetime - to help other people. We need you to keep our project in motion. Pack a bag. Enjoy traveling in a beautiful part of the world while leaving a positive footprint.  


More than a vacation

Explore the most remote reaches of Nepal and leave behind a lasting impact. That’s A CLEAN DRINK ADVENTURE. It’s not a traditional vacation, it’s better.

Our trips create the ultimate travel experience. Each itinerary delivers our team members to hidden villages and places no other visitors ever get to see. We have decades of combined guiding experience and know how to create the best memories. These are actual––adventures.

As a member of our LAST MILE TEAM, travelers spend a portion of the trip distributing lifesaving water systems to local villages and schools. We then hit the road to see more of Nepal’s terraced mountains, snowy peaks, and ancient hamlets. It’s the ultimate adventure. It’s a do-good adventure.


We harness the power of wanderlust and kindness to provide people with clean drinking water.

CLEAN DRINK was founded on the basic premise that everyone, no matter where they live, deserves clean drinking water. As travelers we are in a unique position to leverage our adventures to access remote villages and communities where clean water is not available. If we're going somewhere, we might as well work to improve the lives of the people we meet along the way.